Realistic, Relevant and Useful – Our Approach to Training

Our programs are designed to be thought provoking, engaging and - most importantly - give you new tools and information that you can take back and use immediately in your workplace.

We know our stuff!  We have over 20 years’ experience in designing successful workshops that focus on helping Leaders and Managers develop their own skill set as they move up in their careers as organisational Leaders.

Learning should be entertaining and thought provoking.  Very few things are worse than a boring training session, so we design our workshops to incorporate lots of real-world examples and stories.  

We don't hate role plays – but we know they aren't for everyone.

We won't make you do role playing.  During a training session we will workshop scenarios, discuss approaches, argue points or use live issues participants are facing....but we don't include force role playing as part of our planning.

Why?  Because, a forced role play feels unreal and - let's be honest - not at all like the reality of the situation you are facing back in the office.  People who are unwillingly subjected to role playing often remember very little from the experience except the stress they felt during the role play. It can also have the unfortunate side effect of making people reluctant to take their ideas or learning back into the workplace.

We use lots of different learning methods to ensure you can test your ideas and new knowledge without amping up the stress.

'But what if I love a role play?'

If you love a role play, we will happily use your enthusiasm to help the rest of the group gain even further insights into a subject. A robust role play is a valuable learning tool for both the participant and observers.

Our Public Workshops

Customised Training

Timing is everything in a business and we know it's about getting the right skills and knowledge into your business at the right time, and in the most efficient manner.

In many instances we are called in to help create organisational development programs that target specific business needs that may address problems or help you and your team develop greater strengths to achieve strategic goals.

We can create, customise, source and deliver training or facilitate workshops for your business. Sometimes this requires us to source technical specialists in a particular field or work with your people to design a program that works for the unique needs of your business.

We have sourced, created or customised programs for:

  • Creating a Leadership Program
  • Designing a New Manager's workshop
  • Sourcing Financial Modelling training
  • Sourcing and customising WHS training
  • Developing employee orientation program
  • Designing and facilitating Executive Assistants technical skills program
  • Sourcing training for qualifications framework
  • Developing Plan Language training
  • Developing Team Building workshops


We can design and facilitate team building or strategic thinking sessions for your strategic offsite conferences, project management design days or to help you and your team rise up to meet a new challenge.

We inject energy into our sessions to keep you and your team engaged and focused. Our program plans and facilitation skills will help actively challenge your team and provide tangible benefits back into your organisation.

Often organisations are good at coming up with brilliant ideas or they may be really good at implementing them - very few do both well. 

Brilliant ideas need a good strategic plan to make them work.  Conversely, when you’re bogged down under a mountain of process or risk management you need a session that sparks your strategic thinking. 

 We get great feedback!

We receive excellent feedback for our programs - read some of the feedback for yourself.