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We know from experience that when your team is aligned you can achieve incredible results - consistently. Businesses that thrive in the long term have the right product and a balance of values, culture, and performance. Reduce waste, improve profitability, achieve sustained growth. It's all possible and doesn't need to cost the earth.

These are some of the ways we can help:

  • Business Consultation

    Our passion is in helping your business achieve even greater heights of sustained success. We work with you to engage your staff, uncover skills and talents that are underutilised or dormant in your workforce and put them to good use.

    We help your staff understand your purpose, goals, aspirations and dreams so that they can align their efforts to your success, as well as gain personal satisfaction from using their talents in new and challenging environments. We'll show you how to tap into how to reward your people for bringing their best efforts to your business and we are aren’t talking about bonus payments.

    • You are not just a client to us

      We consider the success of your business part of our business success.

    • We want our relationship with your business to feel natural

      At O V Management we work with you and your leadership team to understand, devise, plan and implement solutions that will work in your business. Our work is always designed or customised to your business needs and aligned to your strategic goals.

    • We don't sell products

      We aren't suppliers or agents for any particular products. If we recommend a product or service it is because we have done our homework to try and find the best possible solution for you and your business.

    • We have the expertise to help

      We make it our business to help your business get the best out of your people. Many of our clients have never had Human Resources in their business and are fearful that introducing HR into their business will only add confusing complexity and lots of paperwork – we will work with you to streamline processes, reduce risk and create a workplace that is a great place to work.

    • Reduce useless practice and waste

      If we can reduce, reuse, recycle or eliminate something that is not doing your business any favours we will find it and work with you to achieve it.

    • Our best work is helping you achieve more

      Cutting out the time wasting, mind numbing stuff makes room for you to get excited about your business.

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  • Human Resources Review

    Time never seems to be on your side - no matter what that old song says. Sometimes you just can't see the woods for the trees, and HR policies and procedures can feel overwhelming and confusing. You may have acquired new companies, merged or just grown like topsy over the last few years and had to make policy and procedure decisions on the fly.

    We get it. It's happened to us too.  But now it is time to take stock and create a cohesive people framework that supports your business, rather than bogs down your people in administration. We can review your policy and procedures, make recommendations and implement new ways of work in line with your business needs.

    Elegance Outshines Simple - Everytime

    We don't believe in simple. If this was simple you wouldn't need to call in professionals. What you need is elegant solutions that take into account the individual variables of your business, the prevailing legal landscape and your strategic goals.

    We've been doing this for a long time and across many types of business. We have the ingenuity, imagination, skills, knowledge and determination to get your human resources processes aligned and implemented into your business.

    Change Doesn't Have to Equal Trauma

    Your people, your business strategy and your current workloads are all factors we consider when implementing any work.

    Our experience shows that a well thought-out change process makes a huge a difference to your business - and it can be done without a huge amount of drama.

    Learn more about us!

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  • Strategic Human Resource Management

    Strategic Human Resource Planning

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. A great organisational strategic is only as good as it’s People Strategy. Countless studies and reviews of organisational strategic failure show that the plans usually fail because there was a lack of planning around the required future knowledge, skills and people required to get the job done.

    Your people strategy should consider:

    • How easy will it be to find and employ the right people?
    • Do your current people have the right skills at the right time, or will they need to be developed?
    • Is your workforce stable? 
    • What will be a better spend – employing new staff or development existing ones?
    • Are there external issues that might have an adverse impact on your business?
    • When will new products be deployed and how will the organisation make sure everyone has the right information at the right time?
    • If there are lots of new people coming into the organisation and how will this affect the production levels for existing staff?

    These are just a few of the things to be considered as part of a strategic human resource management plan.
    A solid strategic human resource plan can save you time, money and resources – which is a pretty good argument for anything.

    Policy & Process Development

    Whether you are a new company or seasoned organisation you need to ensure your human resources policies are up to date, legislatively compliant and coherent with other organisational policies.

    We can review your current policies and help whip them into shape. In addition we can create employee handbooks, orientation and induction materials, drafting new policies and setting organisation policy documentation for easy retrieval.

    Along with all of this we can even assist with creating an implementation plan to make sure all your employees are aware of changes and how they are affected. Good implementation removes most of the barriers to change.

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  • Coaching

    Coaching is not a reward and is not a punishment - it's an investment in future returns. We do not believe a coaching arrangement should continue on forever - your coaching arrangement should have a defined deliverable and a completion date. This keeps everyone focused on the result.

    Some coaching contracts may last for just a few weeks, while others are set in place over the course of a year, however, there is always an end date and a deliverable that is to be met by the coach and the individual. Otherwise the relationship runs the risk of simply being a 'navel-gazing' exercise that is not the best use of your company funds.

    We challenge assumptions, test theories and review critical incidents with our clients to help them reflect on past performance, define key development or learnings, and build better ideas and practices for the future.

    We can provide coaching for:

    • Future leadership aspirants
    • New leaders or managers
    • New staff, or on a project basis

    Promotions, new projects or management responsibility can be overwhelming.  Undertaking a coaching arrangement while moving through this change increases the likelihood of success.

    Coaching Sessions

    A coaching session becomes a place without political risk to review performance, understand blockages, assemble and assimilate new knowledge and plan for future roadblocks. It can also be the place to define personal goals and celebrate success. Sometimes coaching is going to be about getting back on track and refocused.  This type of coaching helps the individual understand what is going wrong and find ways to fix it. These sessions can be instigated by the individual who feels they are not focused or losing their passion, or by management who want to ensure the person is fully supported while they make changes to their working style or behaviour.

    Regardless of the need, coaching should never be seen as a reward or a punishment. A good coach has a skill set that can analyse, understand and assist an individual in gaining understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and how these affect their role in the team. Once an individual understands and accepts the expectations of their role the coach helps them to become a valued part of organisational success.

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  • Change Management

    Our experience is evidence that a well thought out change process makes a huge difference to your business, and it usually doesn’t need to be done with a lot of fanfare. 

    The people part of our change process uses the following principles:

    • Ensure everyone understands why the change is happening.
    • Paint a picture of the future when the change is complete.
    • Understand the impact of the change process on workload.
    • Help people find ways to make the change work for them.

    Change doesn’t have to equal trauma and drama – and that’s a fact.

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  • Personality & Skills Assessments

    Our assessments can be used for a variety of reasons including coaching, preparing for promotion, recruitment and selection, conflict resolution and strategic human resource planning.

    We are trained across a wide variety of tools including:

    • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
    • DiSC
    • SHL Assessment Suite
    • Barrett Values Assessment
    • Conflict Strategies Inventory -  
    • Myers- Briggs Type Indicator
    • Career Anchoring

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We specialise in working with small to medium size businesses who want to spend their dollars wisely.

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